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How far, by which route, and why? A spatial analysis of pedestrian preference

Schlossberg, Marc et Agrawal, Asha Weinstein et Irvin, Katja et Bekkouch, Vanessa Louise (2007). How far, by which route, and why? A spatial analysis of pedestrian preference. [Publication officielle]

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This research project collected two types of data to assess how far people walk to rail stations and the environmental factors that influence their route choices: Pedestrian survey and Walkability audit. The first include people who walked to five rail stations in Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area were given surveys and asked questions on walking behavior, preferences, and route choice. In addition, respondents were given a map and asked to trace their walking route, as well as to mark intersections and streets they avoided on their walk. A total of 328 surveys were returned, for a 45 percent response rate. The second contain geographic information systems (GIS) and Pocket PC tool was developed to evaluate specific elements of the walking environment at a streetscape scale that previous researchers have identified as likely to affect a neighborhood’s walkability. The audit tool assessed block segments and intersections separately, since pedestrians experience the two in different ways. For each block segment, the auditor gathered holistic, subjective assessments about the block as well as collected detailed data on the block’s maintenance and cleanliness, amenities, sidewalk characteristics, buffer zone characteristics, front zone characteristics, and roadway characteristics. For each intersection, the audit collected data on factors affecting the ease of crossing the street, such as the presence of traffic control devices, crosswalks, and curb cuts. Audit data was collected for all streets in a half-mile radius around two stations.

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