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Physical disabilities and psychological issues: a systematic review of the literature

Ioannis, Proios et Miltiadis, Proios et Eleni, Fotiadou (2017). Physical disabilities and psychological issues: a systematic review of the literature. European Journal of Special Education Research . DOI: 10.25.81/zenodo.244433.

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The purpose of the present systematic review was to gather information on the interest of researchers on psychological issues of people with physical disabilities throughout a time period of twenty years (1995-2015). Previous similar reviews were not determined by the literature. For the implementation of their view electronic bases and hand search were used following specific criteria. Search revealed approximately 70.000 studies but only 58 in total covered the set criteria. The findings of the review revealed a limited research interest on psychological issues relevant to people with physical disabilities, with the interest increasing for the period 2006-2010. It was also found that descriptive, cross-sectional and qualitative research designs were preferred with data mainly gathered via questionnaires. Samples were derived from general and sport population (male and female). Finally, psychological issues mainly studies were parts of the self and emotions and less parts of personality and motivation.   Article visualizations:

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