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Our Heritage, A Present from the Past


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Arpin, Roland (2000). Our Heritage, A Present from the Past. [Publication officielle]

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The first direction in this proposal for a cultural heritage policy sets the tone for the general approach suggested: heritage is a collective wealth that is first and foremost the State’s responsibility; all citizens should have access to it; in return, responsibility for its protection and conservation is shared between the State and its citizens. A series of great changes ensue from this central direction which, if well orchestrated, the Advisory Committee believes will have significant positive repercussions for Québec’s entire heritage system. These changes chiefly concern the legal and administrative framework, partnerships, knowledge of heritage, priority actions and funding. A Renewed Legal and Administrative Framework.(...) Strengthening Partnerships (...) Improving Our Knowledge of Heritage (...)Priority Actions (...)Adequate Funding (...)

Type de document: Publication officielle
Informations complémentaires: Langue : Anglais
Déposé par: Coordonnateur OQL
Date de dépôt: 06 juin 2012 11:46
Dernière modification: 06 juin 2012 11:46

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