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Policy. Hosting of international sport events / Heritage Canada


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Heritage Canada - Patrimoine Canadien (2005). Policy. Hosting of international sport events / Heritage Canada. [Publication officielle]

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*Introduction. The hosting of international sport events offers Canada the potential to bring direct and significant benefits across a broad range of government priorities and can act as a catalyst for the achievement of other federal objectives. Athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers benefit from preparation programs, competitions, programming and facility legacies. Sport organizations also benefit from increased exposure and influence, and experience increased participation in the sport. Economic benefits include job creation, particularly in the small and mediumsized business sector, regional development, increased tourism, increased exports, enhanced infrastructure and increased tax revenue. Social benefits range from unique work experiences including training and youth participation, to volunteer promotion and increased emphasis on fitness and health. Hosting also offers a forum to celebrate athletic, artistic and cultural excellence and provide Canadians with the opportunity to contribute to the expression of Canadian identity.(...)

Type de document: Publication officielle
Informations complémentaires: Source : - Téléchargé le 5 oct., 2005 Langue : Anglais
Mots-clés libres: Policy. Hosting of international sport events
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